It takes a village: Southington school officials recognize staff and volunteers

Staff members at each of Southington’s schools, above, were honored with the Profiles in Professionalism award at the May 11 school board meeting.



At the culmination of each school year, Southington Public School (SPS) officials honor members of the district that go above and beyond what they are expected to do each day. Through recognition ceremonies, faculty, staff, and volunteers are highlighted for their service to the students.

SPS recognized 14 recipients for the Profiles in Professionalism award last month. The honorees for the 2016-2017 school year were recognized by the Board of Education (BOE) in front of their families and colleagues during a meeting on May 11.

The annual celebration of excellence identifies those who were nominated by each school building and department within Southington Public Schools. Faculty and staff put together biographies for their chosen peers, which were read during the award ceremony, to demonstrate why they go above and beyond in their job.

During the BOE meeting, the administrative team individually recognized each recipient, and Chairman Brian Goralski presented each person with a certificate.

The following individuals were recognized: Lee Ann Miller from Southington High School; Marlene Carbone from Joseph A. DePaolo Middle School; and Amy Perry from John F. Kennedy Middle School.

From the town’s elementary schools, honorees included Kate Colonero (Derynoski); Deborah Crean (Flanders); Charity Baker (Hatton); Denise Sadowski (Kelley); Susan Smith (Plantsville); Jill Brilla (South End); Erika Mihok (Strong); and Dawn Brown (Thalberg).

Dan Patterson was recognized from the ALTA program; Christopher Bruton from the maintenance department; and Noreen Whyte from the central office.

On Tuesday, May 30, district officials held a luncheon at Hawk’s Landing Country Club for those who volunteer in the schools. Every school principal chooses five volunteers—many of which are parents—who have made a difference during the school year by donating their time in. The principals stood up and introduced their chosen volunteers during the luncheon, offering remarks about them.

The following individuals were recognized: Marie Nelson, Pasquale Herard, Joe Jenkinson, Jon Lamkins, and Steve Pestillo from Southington High School; Jennifer Lanci, Sue Whitehead, Tammy Joseph, Connie Scavone, Wally and Bette Ann Bailey from DePaolo Middle School; along with Lisa Martin, Shari Riedinger, Susan Aulbach, Merrily Lacombe, and Nicole St. Amand from Kennedy Middle School.

From the elementary schools were Casie Messina, Jennifer Walberg, Karen Corrado, Jennifer Nicoletti and Ann Micacci-Flynn (Derynoski); Christie Chipelo, Elizabeth Hagen, Wendy Lombardo, Jenn Hunt, and Jill Volmar (Flanders); Bonnie Frechette, Leigh Pechillo, Theresa Rocco, Michelle Cerra, and Stacy Marek (Hatton); Jolene Drechsler, Samantha Dudac, Heather Farr, Kristi Josephson, and Maureen Vargas (Kelley); Sandy Chavez, Shannon Fink, Heather Warner, Janet Zesut, Scott Gilbert, and Liz Chichon (Plantsville); Kristen Provo, Betty Lutz, Joanna Nagle, Renee Cascio, and Kim Davis (South End); Maritza Nadeau, Sara Tellerico, Kelly Flood, Amy Cogswell, and Angelique Bilodeau (Strong); and Rachael Gonzalez, Marge Saraceno, Mario Sarceno, Amanda Lester and Ashley Nutting (Thalberg).

Additionally, Christina Simms and Karen Smith were honored by the Alta program and Debbie Rice was acknowledged for her work with the SHS athletic department.

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