Town approves consulting agent for Beaton and Corbin project

The Beaton and Corbin manufacturing company
Fenno Jacobs, 1942
(Courtesy of the Library of Congress)



The Beaton & Corbin project to transform the abandoned site into a 13,000 square foot office space is moving along. On Monday, June 12, Southington’s Town Council unanimously approved the contract for ARCADIS consulting agency to move forward with the next phase of site remediation.

The town has engaged the Connecticut Brownfield Land Bank (CTBLB) non-profit organization to manage the project, which includes the foreclosure, getting the title to the property, and working closely with the town and the developer Mark Lovely. The town sold the property tax liens in 2015, which were awarded to Lovely through a public bid.

CTBLB president Arthur Bogen spoke before the Council prior to their contract approvals.

“[The contract] has been developed with a great deal of thought to all the regulations that are going to be addressed with the state, and any federal-level matters that could come up,” Bogen said. “We’re ready to go to work on this next phase. It’s been very thoughtfully drafted.”

ARCADIS handled the previous phase on the 318 N. Main St. property so they are already familiar with the study and development plan.

In order to take the property from its abandoned state, officials have to go through foreclosure, which means addressing any and all liens that face the site. They also require the ability to address the several liabilities that would be associated with remedial activities, delivering liability relief so that the developer receives a property certified by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Bogen said this is to assure their lender that the property will not have abnormal surprises that could upset a transaction.

The Beaton & Corbin property has stood abandoned and contaminated for nearly 30 years. Now that the contract has been awarded, the company can begin the next phase, moving the project one step closer to breaking ground.

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