BOF sets mill rate to 30.48




Since the Town Council approved Southington’s budget for fiscal year 2017-18, the BOF was able to unanimously approve the new mill rate during their June 14 meeting.

“Based upon our recommendation to the Town Council and their vote, the mill rate needed would be 30.48, up from 29. 64,” BOF chair John Leary said. “Knowing that 1 mill is approximately $4 million dollars, we’re going up 0.84 mills.”

All together, the budget is $143,396,270, which includes the town’s operating budget, Board of Education, sewer fund, and Animal Control.

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General property tax from Southington tax payers – whether it’s on houses, businesses, property, or vehicles – is $120 million. Additionally, $18 million of Southington’s dollars used in the budget come from state grants, most of which goes to the BOE.

Because the town relies heavily on state funds, the BOF included a $3 million contingency in their budget recommendation that was sent to the council.

“The main driver in the [mill rate] increase comes down to this board’s recommendation to set aside $3 million, undesignated, for anticipated changes in the state budget because we are very dependent on state aid,” Leary said during the meeting.

Should the state grants change or not come through, there will be contingency money to fall back on. Both the Council and the BOF recognized the state’s financial crisis and said they want to be proactive, knowing what is ahead.

During the Council meeting on June 12, Paul Champagne said Connecticut is only addressing one-third of its problem in this fiscal year, leaving the other two-thirds for next year.

Once tax bills are released, residents will have a 30-day window to pay their respective taxes to the town.

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