Southington woman arrested for embezzling $475K

Courtney Wells, 48, of Southington, turned herself into Southington Police on June 7, at 7 a.m., after learning that she was the subject of two superior court warrants for embezzlement. The warrants were a result of a several month long investigation by the detective bureau.

The investigation began when reports were received about the embezzlement of $98,955.04 from the Southington Lacrosse Association’s bank account, which resulted in money used for her own personal benefit. Wells was the Southington Lacrosse Association treasurer from 2011 to 2016.

Further investigation revealed an additional embezzlement of $376,099.55 from her employer, Jones Engineering, LLC where she worked as a bookkeeper during this same time period.  The investigation discovered Wells was using funds stolen from Jones Engineering, LLC to reimburse the funds stolen from Southington Lacrosse Association bank account in an effort to pay back the money.

Wells was charged with first degree larceny and second degree money laundering for the Southington Lacrosse Association investigation. She was charged with first degree larceny and first degree forgery for the investigation at her employer. Wells was held on $75,000 bonds each warrant, totaling $150,000. She was transported to Bristol Superior Court for arraignment.

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