Letter: Town Councilor champions updated Southington calendar

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To the editor:

We have revamped our community calendar in order to make it more user-friendly and practical.

I first reached out on this subject back in 2015 after hearing comments on the necessity of such a vehicle for our many civic organizations and non-profit groups.

Oftentimes during the planning of a large, annual, community-wide event, organizations want to discern whether something else is planned on a specific date in order to avoid having too many events on that one day. With so many wonderful organizations in our community, this information is beneficial to the planning process.

In 2015, we created the community-wide calendar, which is hosted on the town of Southington’s website. The upkeep and management of the calendar was incumbent on each non-profit and/or civic organization. What we learned is that many groups found it onerous to maneuver the site.

As such, the Town Clerk’s office has agreed to accept postings for the community calendar—as long as the event is hosted by a service/civic club, non-profit organization, etc. Private businesses are not allowed to submit their scheduled events.

Please note: only those events that draw large audiences and are open to the public should be posted on the community calendar, i.e., an annual dinner dance, gala, etc. Please do not post weekly meeting schedules or smaller events that attract a specific audience.

To have your event included on the community calendar, simply email the details to Kathy Larkin at: larkink@southington.org.

Besides the calendar, which is now located on the right-hand side of home page (the Community Calendar is in the yellow box. When you open it, you need to click the drop down to choose the Activities calendar) on the town of Southington’s website (Southington.org), you may also request your event to be included as an event listing and posted on the town’s Facebook page.

I hope all of us community and civic volunteers will find this community-wide calendar helpful to our individual service work and missions.

Dawn A. Miceli, Southington Town Council member

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