Letter: Reader will miss St. Thomas pastor

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To the editor:

After over a decade of loyal and successful service and management of Southington’s St. Thomas Parish, Father Nicholas Melo will shortly be shepherding pastures elsewhere in Connecticut.

It’s safe to say that he will be mightily missed by us parishioners; this is so—not only because his tenure was marked by successful growth and his scandal-free reign—but also because he evinced certain personal features and characteristics not necessarily commonly found:

1) his sharp wit and sense of humor: he is a delight to converse with and seemingly always willing to engage with newcomers;

2) his friendliness and openness (before Mass he roams about the pews seeking to commiserate, console, empathize, laugh with whoever has news or observations to offer; he’s there to share with others;

3) his weekly homilies are the result of hours of preparation and polishing and, as a result, are inevitably an experience to look forward to;

4) what makes these homilies worthwhile is that, at their base, one senses a core-rock faith and clear-eyed commitment to the Christ—the One to whom our final allegiance is due and expressed in the mass.

Father Melo has handled significant things properly.

Remi Dubuque, Southington

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