Scholarship Night: Community heaps scholarships on the Class of 2017

Students gather on stage in the Southington High School auditorium for the annual presentation of scholarships.



“We are gathered here tonight to honor a special group of students,” Southington High School principal Brian Stranieri said, opening the 2017 Scholarship Night ceremony.

On Thursday, May 18, dozens of graduating seniors took the stage to receive scholarship awards due to their achievements at SHS and in the local community.

A total of 163 different scholarships were presented, some with multiple recipients, to benefit the students in their higher education path.

“Students on the stage this evening benefit from the generosity of those individuals and organizations who sponsor the scholarships,” Stranieri said.

Local families, organizations, foundations, churches, and school booster clubs grant money to SHS seniors that meet the criteria for their scholarships. Some are based on academic achievement while others involve community service, participation in sports or school clubs, as well as the arts. Many awards come from memorial foundations, where deserving students who exemplify common traits and interests of a deceased community member receive recognition.

In order to win a scholarship award, students are given access to the applications in January and are encouraged to apply for the various awards.

“The scholarship information is generated through the school counseling department,” said Julie Robertson, director of school counseling. “Students access the scholarship information through Naviance starting in January.”

Naviance is a student portal used for creating resumes and college applications. High school students can use this online tool to organize their college preparation materials and browse programs that suit their interests.

There is no limit to what students can apply for, and many seniors were given more than one scholarship throughout the ceremony.

Scholarship Night is an annual event put on by various departments at Southington High School to honor the hard work students put in during their four years at SHS.

“These students have taken their natural talents and have achieved honor in our school and out in the community through their hard work and dedication,” Stranieri said.

2017 Scholarship Night recipients

  • Alpha Delta Kappa Award Scholarship to Alissa Anglis
  • Amateur Radio Memorial Scholarship to Anthony D’Abramo III
  • American Legion Kiltonic Post 72 Scholarship to Allie Altweis, Ariana Audi, Tyler Cyr, Casey Devin
  • American Legion Auxiliary Kiltonic Unit 72 Scholarship to Matthew DeLorenzo, Kendra Kochol
  • Sons of American Legion Kiltonic Post 72 Scholarship to Casey Devin
  • Apple Harvest Festival Scholarship to Katerina Belales, Sydney Kroll
  • Apple Valley-Southington Chapter 4943 of AARP Scholarship to Allisa Anglis, Brandon Stone
  • Association of Educational Secretaries of Southington Scholarship to Kelly Angeli
  • Alan S. Bator Scholarship to Evan D’Agostino, Jeremy Spooner, Brendan Taylor, Noah Tedeschi
  • Because of 26 Kindness Award Scholarship to Emily Gibney
  • Dr. Arthur T. Blumer MD Merit Scholarship to Nickolina Doran
  • The Hospital of Central Connecticut at Bradly Memorial Auxiliary Scholarship to Matthew Meade, Emma Jaworowski
  • Julia Arnold Bradley Scholarship to Timothy Perry
  • Benjamin Buckley Memorial Arts Scholarship to Erin Gibney
  • Gail DePaaolo Butkus Memorial Scholarship to Emily Daley, Hunter Forrest, Andrew Gorham, Megan Mahon
  • Calvanese Foundation: Joe & Kay L. Calvanese Nursing Scholarship to Annelise D’Abramo, Kaitlin Semmel
  • Calvanesse Foundation: Melanie Rossini Education Scholarship to Brian Durocher
  • Linda Stepensky-Campochiaro Memorial Scholarship to Brian Durocher, Andrew Premus
  • Francis G. Casale Memorial Scholarship to Johnathan Mikosz
  • Michael Casale Jr. Education Award Scholarship to Alissa Anglis, Jared Fernandez, Kendra Kochol
  • Rose S. Castaldi & Sisto R. Castaldi Scholarship to Kata Erdei
  • Greater Southington Chamber of Commerce Scholarship to Catherine Myers, Andrew Premus
  • Chamber Women Scholarship to Kayla Birmingham
  • Michael F. Clynes Memorial Scholarship to Marissa Matarazzo
  • Alfreda F. Collin Memorial Scholarship to Kaitlin Semmel
  • Dr. Angelo J. Coppola Scholarship to Makenna Calabrese, Jared Fernandez
  • Dolores J. Cupina Memorial Scholarship to Samantha Nardi
  • Lawrence W. D’Angelo Memorial Scholarship to Benjamin Russman
  • Danielski Pernal Scholarship to Brendan Shea
  • Michael Davey Scholarship to Jazmine Santos, Delilah Shea
  • Cherraine Davis Academic Memorial Scholarship to Rachel Huff
  • DECA Alumni Scholarship to Hunter Forrest, Megan Mahon
  • DECA/Marketing Education Scholarship to Kayla Birmingham, Emily Daley, Sydney Kroll, Megan Mahon
  • Andrew Della Bitta Memorial Scholarship to Justin Giumelli
  • Arthur C. DellaVecchia Scholarship to Nickolina Doran
  • Richard A. DellaVecchia Scholarship to Jesse Rasten
  • Joseph A. DePaolo Jr. & Juanine S. DePaolo Memorial Scholarship to Allison Krampitz
  • DePaolo-Kennedy Social Work Scholarship to Samantha Jones
  • DePaolo National Junior Honor Society Scholarship to Laura Calandra, Marissa Matarazzo
  • Joseph A. DePaolo Middle School PTO Scholarship to Kaitlin Semmel, Nathan Simard
  • Valentine & Margaret DePaolo Family Scholarship to Erica Daigle
  • Walter A. Derynoski PTO Scholarship to Alissa Anglis, Matthew McLaughlin
  • Chirstine A. Donovan Memorial Scholarship to Brian Durocher, Stephen Vollaro
  • Dorothy Dunlop & Charles F. Schumann Scholarship to Jessica Karwowski
  • Margaret Walsh Elliott Scholarship to Makenna Calabrese
  • Richard Walsh Elliott Scholarship to Brian Durocher
  • Engine Co.2 Plantsville Memorial Scholarship to Matthew Meade
  • Faculty & Staff Supermarket Scholarship to Xaria Callender, Emily Daley
  • Family & Friends Jared Treiber Memorial Scholarship to Caroline Kemnitz
  • Joan Marion Cooley Finegold Memorial Scholarship to Abiose Reid
  • First Evangelical Lutheran Church Scholarship to Evelyn Holbrook
  • FIRST Robotics Perseverance Scholarship to Anthony D’Abramo III
  • Flanders PTO Scholarship to Andrew Premus
  • Joseph J. Fontana Foundation Scholarship to Michael Loose
  • Henry & Loretta Forgione Scholarship to Allison Hair
  • Julie Fortin Memorial Scholarship to Brendan Shea
  • Friends of Lady Knights Basketball Scholarship to Margaret Meehan
  • Friends of Lady Knights Volleyball Booster Club Scholarship to Erica Daigle, Kelly Kritz, Megan Mahon, Morgan Raymond
  • Friendship Lodge 33 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons Russell R. Ellis Award & The Trowel Club Scholarship to Brendan Taylor, Megan Walsh
  • Friendship in memory of Jared P. Grenier Scholarship to Alissa Anglis
  • Friendship in memory of Bruce P. Slodzinski Scholarship to Kayla Sica, Madison Trask
  • David Fusco Memorial Scholarship to Deep Aluria
  • Olivia Fusco Memorial Art Scholarship to Katerina Belales
  • Olivia Fusco Memorial Scholarship to Alex Ciaffaglione, Bao-Anh Nguyen
  • Future Farmers of America Alumni Association Scholarship to Megan Delorme, Laura Furtak, Marissa Matarazzo, Grace Strillacci
  • Future Farmers of America, Carl M. Small Agricultural Science & Technology Scholarship to Elysse Page
  • John J. Gasecki Principal’s Scholarship to Monique Szabo
  • Philip G. Goodrow Memorial Scholarship to Crystal Madore
  • Thomas & Beverly Gormley Technoloty & Sciences Scholarship to Megan Walsh
  • Dick Seeger Memorial Gridiron Club Scholarship to Matthew Gundersen, Matthew Meade, Brendan Shea
  • William H. Hatton PTO Scholarship to Amanda Delorme, Kristen Shubert
  • Hawk’s Landing Country Club Scholarship to Bailey Robarge
  • Matthew J. Henne Scholarship to Dante D’Agostino
  • Ken Hill Memorial Scholarship to Kristen Mathew, Andrew Premus
  • Historical Society Scholarship to Margaret Meehan
  • Holy Name Society of St. Aloysius Scholarship to Kendra Kochol
  • Robert & Lauretta Hopko Merit Scholarship to Olivia Thomas
  • Immaculate Conception Church/Faryniarz Family Scholarship to Mateusz Gaciarz
  • Immaculate Conception Church/Kaczynski Scholarship to Mark Murdy, Thomas Murdy
  • Improved Order of Redmen Wonx Tribe 28, Peter Coppola Memorial Scholarship to Kelly Kritz
  • Improved Order of Redmen Wonx Tribe 28, Carl M. Kritz & William H. Kritz Memorial Scholarship to Victoria Verrilli
  • James A. Jewett Memorial Scholarship to Ryan Delorme
  • Leonard & Gladys Joll Scholarship to Bianca Taylor-Soriano
  • Francis S. Kane Memorial Scholarship to Laura Calandra
  • Urbin T. Kelley School PTO Scholarship to Kristen Mathew, Michael Ricciardone
  • Kennedy National Junior Honor Society Scholarship to Ariel Perry
  • John F. Kennedy Middle School PTO Scholarship to Kamryn Cochrane, Mark Murdy, Timothy Perry
  • Mark Killinger Memorial Scholarship to Erik Kryzanski, Rylee Van Epps
  • Kiwanis Club of Southington, Inc. Scholarship to Nickolina Doran, Samantha Greenslate, Morgan Maccione, Bao-Anh Nguyen
  • John T. Klopp Memorial Scholarship to Kristen Mathew
  • Lady Knights Soccer Booster Club Scholarship to Caroline Kemnitz, Rylee Van Epps
  • Michael A. Landino Memorial Scholarship to Julian Robles
  • Robert R. LaRese Scholarship to Lyndsey Giudice
  • Lions Club of Southington Memorial Scholarship to Alex Ciaffaglione, Andrew Premus, Stephen Vollaro
  • Therese MacCallum “Great Kid” Scholarship to Deep Aluria, McKenna Belury
  • Mary Our Queen Parish Life Committee Scholarship to Hannah Jackman, Samantha Martins, Matthew McLaughlin, Jeremy Spooner
  • Robert E. and Angeline P. McCormack Scholarship to Samantha Steeves
  • Catherine McGloin & Robert “Zeke” Zbikowski Memorial Scholarship to Colton Brown, Matthew Gundersen, Justin Nogueira, Nathan Raposa, Brendan Shea
  • Orchard Valley Garden Club of Southington, Inc. Scholarship to Colton Brown
  • Lauryn E. Ossola SHS Lady Knights Swim & Dive Team Scholarship to Katherine Estell
  • Louis C. Perillo Sr. Scholarship to Ashley Nelson
  • Benito Perone Memorial Scholarship to Bianca D’Amore
  • Plantsville School PTO Frederick Rubelmann III Memorial Scholarship to Mark Murdy
  • Plantsville School PTO Eric Valiquette Memorial Scholarship to Thomas Murdy
  • Play It Again Sports Scholarship to Anthony D’Abramo III, Brendan Shea
  • Polish Falcons of America Nest 307 Scholarship to Kornelia Jez, Matthew Meade, Hannah Olsen
  • Mitchell J. Porydzy II Memorial Scholarship to Kornelia Jez, Michael Mauro, Nicholas Rappi, Madison Trask
  • Judith Gladke Pucci Memorial Scholarship to Ariel Perry
  • Gilbert and Virginia Rich Memorial Scholarship to Jared Fernandez
  • Rotary Club of Southington Scholarship to Catherine Myers, Ashley Nelson, Samantha Steeves, Stephen Vollaro, Megan Walsh
  • Rotary Club of Southington in Honor of Rotary Club Hero William May Scholarship to Victoria Duszak
  • Larry Scaringe Memorial Scholarship to Kelly Kritz
  • Scouts sponsored by the Justin Wisniewski Firefighters Fund Scholarship to Stephen Vollaro


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