Letter: DTC chair supports proposed changes to the ethics code

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To the editor:

Over the years I have heard many accusations concerning our government. We are presently experiencing issues nationally that have many of us wondering if what we are be told is accurate, almost accurate or totally false.

On Monday, May 8 our Town Council will be voting on a very important but very simple ethics ordinance of disclosure. We want our elected officials and their immediate household family members to disclose their personal and/or business dealings that they may have with the town.

This would eliminate public suspicion and misunderstanding with items he or she would be dealing with once elected and working on issues before them. It will identify any conflict of interest that may be present and head it off before it becomes a possible problem.

The disclosure is for the protection of the person as well as the town. It will help to quell the misinformation or misinterpretation that arises when people are guessing or perceiving things that may not be accurate.

I understand that some candidates and officials may feel uncomfortable disclosing information to the public, but that is the decision he or she would have to make when deciding to run for office.

Councilman Chris Palmieri (D) has work vigorously to implement this ordinance, so we can be certain that our citizens are informed about the people we elect. Transparency is crucial to the workings of government.

Our Town, like many towns, has officials that have business, organizations, or interests in Southington. The reason may be because Southington is the place they want to be. I would think it is a good thing to let people know that we are proud to be a part of Southington.

I encourage the Town Council to vote for disclosure for our elected officials.

Robert M. Berkmoes, Democratic Town Committee Chair

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