Letter: Reader supports proposed changes to Southington’s ethics rules

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To the editor:

I’ve been following the discussions about new ethics rules with interest and I’d like to comment.

In my opinion, full disclosure of any potential area of conflict of interest should be made by anyone who has a role in deciding how town funds will be spent.

The disclosure should include holdings by spouses as well.

The notion that the town attorney should be the arbiter of disclosure is a poor one. I feel it leaves much too much leeway for improprieties. We need rules that apply to everyone who may impact town spending and decisions. If the town attorney is the sole authority on what must be disclosed, what would happen should the town attorney be dishonest? I am not implying that this is the case with the current town attorney, of course.

To leave no strict ethics rules in place is like saying, “We don’t need laws. Everyone here is well behaved, and we can take up problems as they occur.” Bad idea.

We need rules and laws to govern behavior, particularly when millions of dollars are allocated each year.

If we are to have full faith in our elected and appointed officials I feel we must have full disclosure of all business activities and holdings for officials and spouses as well.

Shari Guarino, Southington

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