Letter: Reader doesn’t think CT should ever be a ‘right to work’ state

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To the editor:

In all deference to Mr. Pugliese’s letter in the Feb. 24 edition of the Southington Observer, attempts to make Connecticut a “right to work” state is not the way to go. The reference of Wisconsin demonstrates a race to the bottom.

Wisconsin’s business climate has not improved under Gov. Tommy Thompson. He has dismantled the University of Wisconsin system and has led to a drain of research that helps promote economic growth.

There is no question that the public sector workers need to contribute more to the pension and health care, and that is happening. State workers went four years without raises and will face more possible wage freezes. Private sector has only 20 percent of its work force with college degrees, while 45 percent of the private sector has degrees. There has been a drop in people’s disposable income over the last 40 years, while the top 2 percent have the highest concentration of wealth since the 1920s.

We need to improve our business environment by finding ways to lower our energy costs, as well as continue to focus on our universities to help with research and development. The movement to improved infrastructure and transportation will also help in this area.

Bill Knoegel, Southington

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