Letter: Reader is unhappy with Sen. Joe Markley’s record

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To the editor:

Once again State Rep. Joe Markley says “no” to a project. Has he ever said yes to a project?

The beautiful renovated schools in town came about with state funds from a Democratic controlled legislature. The new road, sewer, and bridge projects were reimbursed at 80 percent from the State of Connecticut.

If Markley were alive 100 years ago, he would say “no” to indoor plumbing and interstate highways because, per his reasoning, we cannot afford it. Where does Markley go to constituents in town, the senior center or the old folks home?

I’m a senior citizen, but I make every effort to talk to young people. Over and over these millennials do not want to live in Connecticut, or Southington in particular, because there is “nothing to do here.” We are losing young talent to Boston and New York.

I was at the recent AAC men’s basketball tournament at the XL Center in Hartford. The place was alive with families, the young and old. Downtown Hartford was vibrant. What about all the wonderful memories made from Big East basketball, Whaler hockey, or big-time concerts? Go to a unicameral form of legislature—similar to Nebraska—where they have just one house in the legislature. It would save money, eliminate the state senate, and you would pay for renovations in no time.

After all, would you rather watch an event at the newly renovated civic center or watch Markley work at the state capitol? If Albany, Raleigh, and Glendale, Ariz., similar sized cities to Hartford, can have wonderful and successful civic centers why can’t Hartford?

If Connecticut is going to grow and keep our young, we must make an effort to have attractions. That takes a vision Markley seems to lack.

Ralph Lombardi, Southington

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