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In the beginning of SWAN Day CT, 10 years ago, musician Jennifer Hill’s oldest child was doing what children do—playing around as mom went about her business organizing an arts festival and making music

But after being on hand since the beginning of SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day activities, Scarlett is now set to play her self-written songs on the stage of the annual event.

SWAN Day will be held Saturday, starting at 4;30 p.m., at Trinity-on-Main in New Britain.

We caught up with the 15-year-old Bristol-raised Scarlett via Facebook to talk about her upcoming performance, her musical influences, and SWAN Day?

Observer: What did you learn about what it means to be a female artist in the 21st century by watching your mom’s efforts with SWAN Day?

Scarlett: From watching my mom, I’ve seen that it’s not easy to be a female artist but if you love what you do you can get through the obstacles.

O: Do you feel as if you’re treated differently as a singer because you’re a girl?

S: Yes, Being a female musician I feel as though people don’t take me as seriously as they would if I were the opposite gender.

O: After watching SWAN Day since you were little, why did you want to sing in SWAN Day now that you can?

S: I wanted to sing at SWAN Day because it feels empowering to support and be supported by other female artists.

O: How will it feel to step onto the stage of an event with 10 years of history?

S: I feel honored but I also feel a lot of pressure.

O: Talk to me about your musical style and your songwriting…songwriting can come from personal experiences or from a songwriter creating a story and characters… what’s your approach?

S: All the songs I’ve written are from personal experience. It would be difficult to write from someone else’s point of view.

O: What artists do you listen to and admire for what they do?

S: Melanie Martinez because of her confidence and her unique music style; Panic! at the Disco; Green Day; Kali Uchis; System of a Down; old Korn because of their raw energy and lyrics; and Ellie Goulding.

O: How do you think you’ll help your mom carry on the SWAN tradition?

S: I will support and help promote SWAN and hopefully continue to share SWAN DAY CT’s legacy.

SWAN Day is for everyone 18-plus or all ages if accompanied by an adult. Tickets are $18 resale online and $20 at the door. Tickets can be found at

The doors open at Trinity on Main, 69 Main St., New Britain at 4:30 p.m.,

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Scarlett, 15, is following in the footsteps of her mother, musician Jennifer Hill, when she takes the stage Saturday to sing her self-written songs at SWAN Day.

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