Calendar House parking restrictions announced

Calendar House, 388 Pleasant St, Southington, CT 06489.
Phone: (860) 621-3014

The Calendar House Senior Center property is in the beginning stages of construction and officials are preparing the site. The Hobart Street entrance to Calendar House is closed and only limited parking is available during construction of the new facility.

Town Manager Garry Brumback released an advisory encouraging residents to car-pool during construction for classes, as well as for activities and lunch.

“We are very appreciative that parking is available at Grace Methodist Church, 121 Pleasant Street,” Brumback said in a press release.

Dial-A-Ride buses are available for transportation from Grace Methodist to Calendar House, but you must call (860) 621-3014, 72 hours or 3 business days ahead to arrange for transportation. This request was made in anticipation of a large amount of requests, and officials need time to schedule drivers.

Brumback said they will be accommodating and understanding while everyone gets used to the process.

Officials said in the announcement that visitors should park to the rear of the Grace Methodist lot by Hatton School.

Day and overnight trip parking will also be at Grace Methodist Church, and all Calendar House trips will depart from the Grace Methodist parking lot during construction.

The DePaolo Middle School Parking lot is available for use on weekends only. Use caution when crossing Pleasant Street.

“We appreciate your cooperation and patience during construction as we look forward to a beautiful new Calendar House,” Brumback said in the release.

For any additional questions, call the Calendar House office at (860) 621-3014.

Plans for the new facility

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