Seminar for future Kindergarten parents

On Wednesday, April 19, the Early Childhood Collaborative of Southington (ECCS) will present a free educational presentation for childcare providers, parents, guardians, and community members. Speakers will be school-based occupational and physical therapists from the Southington Public Schools.

Attendees will learn about the fine motor skills needed to accomplish a variety of kindergarten activities, such as writing, artwork and cutting with scissors

“When child don’t have the muscle strength or coordination to do these activities, they struggle and become frustrated,” Beth Connelly, the occupational therapy supervisor for Southington Public Schools, said in a press release. “This manual dexterity needs to be practiced and developed just like any other skill.”

Attendees will learn which motor skills are important and how to develop them in young children, along with studies about declining manual dexterity during the preschool years. Attendees will learn a variety of techniques and fun activities that can be done to support fine motor skill development in home and in the classroom.

“In meeting with the elementary school principals in town, they said one of the largest issues they are seeing with incoming kindergarten students is a decline in fine motor skills over the last several years,” ECCS director Joanne Kelleher said in a press release. “This could be due to the increased use of electronic devices and a decline in traditional childhood play activities.”

The workshop will be held at Hatton Elementary School’s media center at 50 Spring Lake Rd. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the presentation is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. The seminar is free, and childcare is available if requested in advance.

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