Letter: Reader wants rail-trail etiquette

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To the editor:

Hello all you “speedo” guys and girls, guess what you do not own? The trail. The rails-to-trails park was designed for leisure recreation not for racing.

I have been on the trail at 6 a.m. and at 6 p.m., and for some reason bikers seem to think this is their trail. For some reason they are afraid to open their mouths to announce themselves, but when I say, “On your left,” they give me the “hi” sign or yell at me—wrong answer.

Ladies, I must say that most women announce themselves. Gentlemen, I could most likely be your mother or grandmother, so show some respect. I have witnessed older people in wheelchairs and on walkers during mid-day where these “speedo” riders weave around them and do not say a word.

I had the opportunity to speak with a rider who will not use the trail, will only ride on the roads, because he feels the trail is designed for families and leisure riding. Remember the three words, “On your left.”

I feel we have a safety issue on our Rails-Trails. Maybe we need some policing on the trail and start to fine these speeders.

Carol A. Langley, Southington

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