Letter: Reader supports proposed changes to the ethics code

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To the editor:

I am writing in support of strengthening the Town of Southington’s ethics code to hold elected officials to the highest ethical standards.

As a taxpayer, knowing that those who are voting on decisions that have a financial impact on me—in particular the Town Council, Board of Education, and Board of Finance—have completed comprehensive financial disclosures is important to me. In my opinion, it is not sufficient to disclose businesses, leases, or properties that an official believes could cause a conflict of interest; as a matter of transparency and inspiring public trust, all businesses, leases, and properties, including those held by the official’s spouse, should be disclosed.

Ethics should be a non-partisan issue, and it heartens me to see that Edward Pocock III has stood as a strong supporter of reforming the code of ethics. I am disheartened to see the number of Republican officials that have come out to oppose this change, and I hope that they will realize that successful governance is based on holding the public’s trust.

I would hope that those who are called to serve our town feel that it is part of their obligation to be transparent and to disclose potential conflicts of interest.

I look forward to the public hearing that will be held on this issue, and to holding elected officials who oppose ethics reform accountable for their positions in the upcoming elections.

Erica R Byrne, Southington

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