Letter: Reader speaks about emergency room rumors

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To the editor:

Unfounded rumors seem to be causing questions, concerns and confusion about the new medical building on Queen Street in Southington.

The truth is that Casel Corporation owns that building, and Hartford HealthCare has a long term lease with them. The Planning and Zoning file has a stipulation, in writing, that an emergency room will never be housed there.

Hartford HealthCare is against an Urgent Care there, as well. Anyone who wants confirmation of these facts can go to the town hall, in public records, for proof of these statements. I hope this stops rumors.

I encourage the community to use our extraordinary emergency room at the Hospital of Central Connecticut, Bradley campus. This demonstration of need and use will justify restoring the services necessary—to revitalize the E.R. and allow it to remain where it is.

The Historical Society has a short film on the history of Bradley, which demonstrates the original and continued need of Bradley Hospital and the determination of the community to provide it for the town. The rallying cry continues to be for Bradley to exist, remain and be restored.

Marilyn Huntley, R.N., Southington

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