Letter: Reader is disappointed with state rep

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To the editor:

Newly-appointed State Rep. John Fusco ran on the premise of decreasing taxes. Apparently, he has deceived all.

Now that Fusco is in Hartford, he seeks to increase the level of obstructionism in the state government. House Bill 5832 proposes that the state constitution be changed to require the approval by two-thirds of the members of each house of the General Assembly to enact any new, unfunded state mandate. This will allow the state government to grind to a stand still while depriving the citizens of Connecticut vital laws.

Past laws that have started as unfunded mandates include protections for the disabled, civil rights actions, and voting rights laws. Currently, the fight to raise the minimum wage and provide family medical leave would fall under this new rule.

Fusco would seek to dismantle our state and obstruct any protections for citizens. You may have voted for lower taxes, but what you receive instead is obstructionism and the potential to exploit human rights.

Clinton DePaolo, Southington

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