Fusco votes for legislation aimed to help seniors

John Fusco

HARTFORD–During Tuesday’s meeting of the Commission on Aging, State Rep. John Fusco (R-81) and his colleagues voted to pass several proposed pieces of legislation out of committee and have them placed on the legislative calendar.

Some of the forwarded bills include: an act exempting social security benefits from state income tax (HB 6987), a bill to increase funding for elderly nutrition programs to help lower co-payments for participants (HB 6993), a bill to allow state income tax filers to deduct premiums from long-term care insurance policies (HB 6986), a measure to allow spouses to retain more marital assets to help with care and support of their spouse who is on Medicaid (SB 759), a bill to expand eligibility for the Alzheimer’s disease respite care program (SB 760), and a bill increasing the dollar value of farmers’ market vouchers for seniors (SB 761), among others.

“I’m proud of the work the aging committee is doing on behalf of seniors across our state,” Fusco said in a press release, “and I will continue to work with my colleagues, regardless of party, to find sustainable ways to expand laws that benefit and protect seniors.”

The rookie legislator has already proposed bills aimed at easing the burden on Connecticut seniors, including a bill similar to HB 6987 which would exempt personal income tax on pensions and social security benefits.

He also proposed HB 5875 – An Act Concerning fairness in Medicaid Eligibility Determinations for Home Care – to apply Medicaid payment guidelines used for institutionalized persons to participants in the Connecticut home-care program for the elderly. This law would allow people to receive care in their own homes for longer periods.

Bills that were passed from the committee will be placed on the legislative calendar for possible action by the full legislature.  The legislative session ends at midnight on Wednesday, June 7.

Rep. John Fusco represents the 81st district of Southington.

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