Library expansion on hold

The Southington Public Library, 255 Main St, Southington, CT 06489.
(860) 628-0947

Although plans continue to expand Southington’s public library, plans will not require a referendum this fall. At the Jan. 9 Library Board meeting, Town Manager Garry Brumback said that library expansion plans will not be ready for 2017.

“The library will hopefully go to referendum in 2018,” Brumback said to the Observer. “We have enough projects on the books now and, while the Council supports the library renovation, we are focusing on the projects we have already approved.”

Plans to expand the library system are still being considered. During a candidate forum held in the Library this past fall, Southington Public Library director Susan Smayda said that Southington has one of the smallest public libraries per capita in the State of Connecticut. She also said that an expansion project was in the works.

Brumback’s announcement answered any confusion as to the timeframe for the project. The town manager said that there are no current projects expected to require a referendum item for this November’s ballot.

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