Local couple shares ‘Fat Facts’ at new business

Sandy Lucas, above, shows her before and after photos from a 45 pound weightloss since March 2015. Now, she shares her knowledge about weight loss and diets, along with Patrick Tallis, who lost 98 pounds, at Fat Facts Weight Loss Center on N. Main Street.

Since March 2015, Sandy Lucas has lost 45 pounds. Patrick Tallis has dropped almost 100 pounds in recent years. It wasn’t by accident. It came through hard work, discipline, and learning the facts about weight loss.

Now, the couple is sharing their knowledge and experience at the Fat Facts Weight Loss Center at 550 N. Main St. The two are trying to help others that are grappling with that age-old problem. “Is my new diet destined to fail?”

“Our goal is to empower people to take control of their weight and health now” Tallis said in a press release.

The center is aimed at providing clients with facts about why they may have gained the weight in the first place, and then they show them what to do about it. In the press release, they cite that over 95 percent of dieters fail to maintain any weight loss for five years.

“The biggest accomplishment of most diets is convincing people the diet works,” Tallis said in the release. “That way, when the diet fails people will blame themselves, not the diet. To everyone who did not find success on a diet: You did not fail, the diet failed.”

Lucas and Tallis have invested hundreds of hours into research on obesity and the related chronic diseases because of concerns about their own obesity and the potential risks of major health challenges, like diabetes or heart disease. With the Fat Facts Weight Loss Center, the couple hopes to share the information they’ve learned, including the inaccurate and harmful information that they have uncovered.

The couple believes that, armed with the facts, a client can make choices to support their health in a way that works in harmony with nature and with what nature intended. Those following the plan will eat real, whole food found at any grocery store. Weight Loss supplements don’t work and meal replacement programs are just providing more processed foods, which they claim to be another major contributing factor in a growing health crisis.

They explain to their clients that assumptions, such as “Eat less, move more,” form the foundation of most diets. They offer nutritional information to make better decisions about food choices.

“Your body wants to work efficiently and be healthy,” Lucas said in the release, “but the foods many of us are eating do not allow that.”

Fat Facts Weight Loss provides two-hour specialized training by appointment only, along with Tallis’ book, including a quick tip guide, menu and grocery planning guides. Ongoing coaching plans are also available.

For more information or to schedule a training session, call (860) 538-7886 or visit www.FatFactsWeightLoss.com.

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