Letter: Reader focused about tax exemptions for social security

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To the editor:

The Southington Observer published an announcement on Dec. 15 that Democrat State Representative Joe Aresimowicz’s is elected to the position of the Connecticut Speaker of House. This is a powerful position that allows him to decide which bills are called for a vote, to assign legislators to committees, and to generally guide the agenda in the House.

Many folks are pleased with this. I do see opportunities for Southington, but there are issues that trouble me. The article wrote about the A-Z of Aresimowicz’s life in the community, in politics, and balancing a career. The article did not mention what that career is.

Aresimowicz is employed by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union as a union educator. There were numerous editorials and opinion letters published in the Hartford Courant recently that addressed the issue of conflict of interest in Aresimowicz holding both positions. Some addressed the conflict directly, other take a “let’s wait and see” narrative.

In the wait and see theme, one of Aresimowicz’s campaign messages was to pass a state income tax waiver for social security. Similar campaign messages were part of many state Democrat’s campaigns.

On the Dennis House, Face the State TV program, on Nov. 13, Democrat State Representative elect Derek Slap said that the Democrats have put forward a proposal to eliminate the state income tax on social security. Slap also said he hoped that he would get bipartisan support for that.

Slap apparently does not realize that the Republicans have introduced many bills to provide tax waivers for social security. He apparently does not know that the Democrats have blocked those bills.

So let’s wait and see what our new Speaker of the House does about this.

William Marcarelli, Southington

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