Letter: Reader dislikes the new wall at Bradley hospital

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To the editor:

I cannot keep quiet any longer. The new wall at the Hospital of Central Connecticut, Bradley Campus, in my opinion, is just downright atrocious.

Why would they take down a wall that was built by pioneers, that stood the test of time. that had class, and replace it with such an ugly wall? Probably because they want to tell the people that it now belongs to Hartford Health Care.

And, I can only imagine the cost. They will probably point to safety, but there is an old tape at the historical society that shows that wall could have been repaired safely. We all know how large hospitals can waste money. I’m sure little old Bradley would have repaired that wall at a far lesser cost, and Southington could have still been enjoying the beauty of what the pioneers built for us. But Hartford Health Care put their footprint on it.

Well, Hartford Health Care, you did another disservice to the Town of Southington. Thanks again for nothing.

Ann Marie Conaty, Southington

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