Kennedy announced November students of the month



Kennedy announced November students of the month. Front, from left, Matthew Whitaker, Sofia Davino, Alyssa Polverari, and Tyler Hubeny. Back, asst. principal Susanne Vitcavage, Jack Barnum, Brynn Godbout, Ava Hur, Madeleine Silano, Taylor Hall, and principal Richard Terino. Missing is Kajetan Naworol.

Kennedy announced November students of the month. Teachers nominated these students based on their academic performance, exemplary citizenship, and/or participation in extracurricular activities.

Sixth grade students of the month are Sofia Davino, Tyler Hubeny, Alyssa “Iyss” Polverari, and Matt Whitaker.

Sofia is the sixth grade Unified Arts student of the month. A hardworking young lady who always looks for ways to improve her work, she is helpful around the classroom. Sofia works aptly with others and always offers appropriate advice and suggestions. She sings in the school chorus, plays town basketball and softball, and participates in her church’s community activities. Away from school, Sofia enjoys running, swimming, dancing, cycling, drawing, cooking, and baking.

Tyler is a responsible student who puts extra effort into his work. He is willing to help everyone and is always prepared for class. Well-liked and respected by both his teachers and peers, Tyler impresses his team. He is a member of the JFK cross country team and the town’s soccer league. Tyler helps with household chores and with the washing of boats at the shipyard where his grandfather works. Outside school he enjoys reading, constructing works with Legos, boating, and learning about boating safety with his grandfather and cousin.

Alyssa is a pleasure to have on her team. A classroom leader, she is always prepared and ready to participate in class activities. Alyssa is a conscientious student who is ever ready to go out of her way to help others. She is a member of the church swing choir, the cross country team, and the Lego League. She volunteers as an apple bagger through her church at the Apple Harvest Festival. Outside school Alyssa enjoys playing with her brother Josh, golf, Harry Potter, art, and sushi.

Matt is a polite and respectful student who comes to school each day with a positive attitude and a readiness to work. Daily he puts forth his best efforts and prides himself on being successful. Matt is on the soccer team, and he plays trumpet in the sixth grade band. He also plays travel soccer and swims on the YMCA swim team. Away from school he likes to ride his bike and spend time with his family and friends.

Seventh grade students of the month are Jack Barnum, Taylor Hall, and Ava (Seungeun) Hur.

Jack is a role model student. A hard worker, he is outgoing and pleasant, someone who gets along well with both staff and students. An honor roll student, he is a member of the soccer team, the chorus, and Peer Advocates. He plays town football, baseball, soccer, and travel AAU basketball. Jack volunteers as a tour guide for incoming sixth grade students, and in his free time enjoys being outside and riding his bike.

Taylor is a hardworking, conscientious student who challenges herself daily. Mature and consistent, she is well-organized and helpful to others. An honor roll student, she plays violin in the seventh grade orchestra. Taylor plays FSA Premier soccer, and during the summer she helps her grandparents. Her interests include baking and running.

Ava is a positive, encouraging, and friendly student who continually strives to complete her work with the highest level of quality. An honor roll student, she is a member of Con Brio, the homework club, and the seventh grade orchestra where she plays violin. At her church, Ava sings in the choir and travels with fellow members to nursing homes to perform for their residents. She enjoys crafting, drawing, and taking piano lessons.

Eighth grade students of the month are Brynn Godbout, Kajetan Naworol, and Madeleine Silano.

Brynn demonstrates a strong dedication to her studies in all academic areas while her positive disposition radiates to her peers. An honor roll student, she is a member of the chorus. Brynn plays town volleyball and softball, helps family members with various chores, and enjoys reading and being with her friends.

Kajetan is an engaged, hardworking student who is active in class discussions and serves as a role model for other to follow. He is an honor roll student and a member of Con Brio, the NJHS, and the grade eight orchestra where he plays the violin. Kajetan plays town soccer, tennis, and baseball, and is an alter server at his church. He enjoys sports in his free time.

Maddie is an asset to her team. Kind and respectful to all, she is a conscientious student who actively participates in class. She also exhibits leadership skills and school spirit through her participation in JFK soccer. An honor roll student, she is a member of the builders club, the drama club, the NJHS, Relay for Life, the stage band, the band where she plays French horn, and the soccer team of which she is captain. Maddie plays premier soccer at FSA and volunteers at a Cheshire school where she assists with filing and bulletin board setup. She also has an interest in art and drawing.

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