Ye old Renaissance Faire

Ashley Ratte, 3, battles a knight during the library’s Renaissance Faire on Nov. 5.

Ashley Ratte, 3, battles a knight during the library’s Renaissance Faire on Nov. 5.



While everyone turned their clocks back an hour for daylight savings, the Southington Public Library turned back all the way to medieval times for their first ever Renaissance Faire on Saturday Nov. 5.

Knights in armour, fairies, princesses, and pirate dancers filled the main level of the library for a family-friendly afternoon featuring many guests.

Cindy Wall and Molly Virello from the children’s department at the library coordinated the event. Virello attends many Renaissance fairs and had the idea to bring one to Southington.

Below the Gaff performed pirate songs in full costume, engaging with the young children in the crowd. The Celtic folk rock band performs at various Connecticut Renaissance faires and had no trouble gaining an audience on Saturday.

The band performed multiple sets throughout the day, incorporating children into the songs with their instruments and props. Singer Regina Diemand said that the fairs are always outdoors, and it was a nice change to be at an indoor event, especially with the cold weather.

The East Coast Combative Arts group attended the event to display armor and weapons, as well as teaching fight choreography. Like Below the Gaff, they attend many Renaissance events throughout New England to demonstrate their combative skills and educate people.

Arts and crafts were also included at the library, where young Renaissance goers made wands and stained glass. A face painter was also on hand. “I think this shows that libraries are more than just places with dusty books,” said Virello. She hopes that the library will continue to bring back the event in future years.



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