Southington’s election results (unofficial)


The national and state results are not yet finalized, but here are Southington’s unofficial results for the 2016 election.

The referendum item passed for the town’s water treatment upgrade, receiving 15,023 “Yes” votes, and 5,871 “No” votes.



In the Presidential race, Southington voters picked Trump over Clinton.

The full break-down is as follows:

Trump (Republican), 12,383; Clinton (Democrat), 9,890; Johnson (Libertarian), 743; Stein (Green), 275.


U.S. Senate

In the U.S. Senatorial contest, Southington voters picked Blumenthal over Carter.

Full break-down is as follows.

Blumenthal (Democrat), 12,878; Carter (Republican), 9,660; Russell (Green), 174


U.S. House of Representatives

In the US House of Representatives race, Southington voters tied between Larson and Corey.

The full break-down is as follows:

Larson (Democrat), 10,938; Corey (Republican), 10,938; DeRosa (Green), 379


Connecticut Senate

In the state senator for Connecticut’s 16th district race, Southington voters picked Markley over Rogers.

Markley (Republican), 13,978; Rogers (Democrat), 8,486


Connecticut House of Representatives

  • Voting districts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 chose Fusco over Zoni for Connecticut’s General Assembly 81st district. Here’s the breakdown: Zoni (Democrat), 4,829; Fusco (Republican), 6,991
  • Voting districts 5, 8, and 9 chose Morelli over Aresimowicz for Connecticut’s 30th district representative. Here’s the breakdown: Aresimowicz (Democrat), 2,368; Morelli (Republican), 2,865
  • Rob Sampson ran unopposed in voting districts 7 and 10. He will represent Connecticut’s 80th district. Sampson (Republican ), 2,921
  • Voting district 11 chose Falvey over Linehan for the open seat in Connecticut’s 103rd district. Here’s the breakdown: Falvey (Republican), 1,075; Linehan (Democrat), 1,052



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