Jennifer Hill transforms into a ‘Murderous Chanteuse’



Jennifer Hill is back.

Or, more appropriately, Murderous Chanteuse is here.

Either way, the former Bristol resident, has a new EP in the works to succeed Jennifer Hill and Co.’s “Fifteen Minute Long Sentence,” which came out in 2010.

Jennifer was hardly idle in the intervening years, she explained. She was writing. But being able to afford to record her new music was another thing. She set up a crowdsource funding page to get her this far. And she’s poking around for funds for a new music video to go along with the new material.

The first recorded taste of Murderous Chanteuse is the single “Made of Candy,” a dance-oriented electronic number that is far afield from the indie rock, piano-based song of her previous recorded efforts. The new music finds Hill playing all of the parts on keyboard but leaving the piano sound far behind.

The old indie sound more about appealing to Connecticut audiences, which preferred that approach to music, and getting booked for gigs, said Jennifer.

“This (new material) has more of the influences I’ve always loved,” said Jennifer. “Before I was writing stuff I didn’t want to write.”

“I have always wanted to have a dance song,” said Jennifer. And the new songs allow her to tap into her love for Bjork, Madonna, and Portishead.

“My new music is finally Jen being Jen,” said the singer.

“I have always wanted to have certain things,” said Jennifer of the new music. One of the new songs, Wanna Be,” reflects that desire.

Jennifer sings, “I want to be that girl with the sunshine on her without a care in the world.”

The song is about Jennifer being able to perform the music she prefers.

However, the song also reflects Jennifer’s efforts to come to grips with the long-term emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of an ex-lover. (See the accompanying article on page 1 for a more in-depth look at Jennifer’s story.)

“This particular song is about dealingwith a lot of this (emotional turmoil),” said Jennifer, “and then having someone there who helps you through all the craziness.”

That someone is her current husband, who also happens to be her drummer.

As for the new musical moniker, Murderous Chanteuse, Jennifer explained, “A chanteuse by definition is a female singer in the nightclub or cabaret genre. We as a band are Murderous Chanteuse because I’ve been killing songs since the day I was born.”

Jennifer’s long term goal is to record a full album, said Jennifer.

Although Jennifer has swung to a more electronic sound, she said she does have one older indie rock inflected song that she hopes to release before Halloween.

The track is called, “Sweet Megan,” which is about a woman exacting revenge on her husband after she’s found out he’s been cheating on her.

Jennifer said her daughter Scarlett—who sings backup with Jennifer’s other vocal students as the Brat Pack— calls it “Witch Rock.” Jennifer calls it “creepy.”

“Made of Candy” by Murderous Chanteuse will be available on iTunes. And Murderous Chanteuse will be performing Saturday, Oct. 8 at the Powder Ridge Oktoberfest at Powder Ridge Park, 99 Powder Hill Rd. Middlefield, which runs 3 to 8 p.m.

For more information, look for Murderous Chanteuse on Facebook and Instagram or follow Jennifer Hill on Twitter @MurderChanteuse.

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Bristol’s Jennifer Hill is recording new music for an EP, and an eventual album.

Bristol’s Jennifer Hill is recording new music for an EP, and an eventual album.

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