Local hikers tackle the Grand Canyon to benefit cancer research


Southington natives Jed Goski, Nichola Dutcher and nine colleagues will be volunteering and hiking across the Grand Canyon to raise money and awareness for Brain Cancer Research. They will cross alongside those affected by brain cancer with the 3,000 Miles to a Cure organization.

They will be going across the Grand Canyon, which is 23.5 miles with 10,141 feet of altitude change, all in one day. The rim-to-rim trek takes the team from the north rim down to the canyon floor, across the canyon, then up to the south rim over 23.5 miles and more than 10,000 feet of elevation change.

Organizers said that it is a powerful metaphor for the race to end brain cancer. The canyon represents the valley of death of underfunded research.

“We know that funding brain tumor research will change the future for those diagnosed with brain cancer and that if money is the problem, it’s a problem that can be solved. Together, we can do this,” Dutcher said in a press release.

Tax deductible donations and information about this cause can be made at www.3000milestoacure.com/event/2016-ctc-nichola-dutcher/.

“We believe that we will change the future for people diagnosed with brain cancer. We’re passionate about finding a cure, and we embrace every challenge along the way with determination, integrity, and most of all, hope. Our mission is to end brain cancer by raising funds for research and extending an open invitation to unite in hope and action for the cure. We cannot achieve our mission without you,” said Dutcher in the press release.

For more information contact Nichola directly at nicholadutcher@gmail.com


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