Water ban remains in effect



The Special Infrastructure Committee meeting of the Board of Water Commissions scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 18 has been cancelled per request of the board President.

According to the meeting agenda, the water restriction ordinance was to be addressed under new business, which could bring residents an update on the mandatory water ban that was set forth in the previous weeks.

While the meeting has been postponed until Thursday, Sept. 8, department Superintendent Fred Rogers said, referring to the ban, “our concern has reduced, and I see it being lifted in a couple of weeks.”

The ban has been in place since June 23. Officials requested that customers limit the amount of outside water use and adhere to an odd/ even watering schedule.

Under these restrictions, residents with an even street number are asked to limit non-essential uses of town water to even numbered days, while residents with an odd street number adhere to odd numbered days.

“Non essential” restrictions would apply to activities such as watering lawns, washing cars, and watering flowers.

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