4th year of CHET scholarships launched

Connecticut-flagWhen Gloria Chery, a freshman at Central High School in Bridgeport, learned last fall that she had won a CHET Advance Scholarship, she wrote a note of thanks, saying, “This is a great opportunity for me. I thank you so much for helping me even though it seems so far away.  It is such a great step towards me getting into college, the goal that I’m striving for.”

Today, State Treasurer Denise L. Nappier is launching the fourth year of the CHET Advance Scholarship program. High school seniors and freshmen can apply to participate online at www.chetadvance.com through Wednesday, Oct. 5.

“The recent class of 2016 college graduates averaged $37,000 per student in college debt on graduation day,” noted Treasurer Nappier, Trustee of the Connecticut Higher Education Trust, said a press release. “For our students who are in high school, the CHET Advance Scholarship can help defray college costs that are right around the corner. Every dollar saved with CHET, or provided by a CHET Advance Scholarship, is a dollar a parent or student won’t ever have to take out in loans.”

For additional information and the complete official rules, visit the CHET Advance Scholarship website, www.chetadvance.com.


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