Officials announce completion of the Crescent Lake Forestry Project

For more information and maps, visit

For more information and maps, visit

Over the past year, the Town of Southington in conjunction with the Open Space and Land Acquisition Committee has worked with a professional forester and forest harvester to thin the stand of trees south of the lake under the Crescent Lake Forest Management Plan.

The plan was designed to provide additional sunlight for remaining trees and to create gaps in the canopy to allow sunlight to stimulate the growth of new seedlings and shrubs. In addition, foresters treated invasive plants to reduce their populations and to help encourage the development of native species.

“All this will help provide improved habitat for a wide variety of wildlife from pollinators to songbirds in addition to improving forest health and resiliency,” officials said in a press release. “The woody material including tree tops and smaller diameter trees that posed a danger to the removal of large trees now provide habitat, a temporary impediment to deer browse on new saplings, and a slow release of nutrients back into the soil as the wood decomposes.”

Officials said that the look might be a bit “messy,” but it is all part of the science behind the plan. Some of the larger material suitable for firewood may be removed by hand cart or wheelbarrow once a waiver is signed in the Town Attorney’s office at Town Hall, 75 Main Street.

For questions regarding the possible collecting of remaining limbs for firewood, volunteering to control invasive plants, or any additional information, contact Dave Lavallee in the Planning Department at (860) 276-6203 or at

More information on Southington’s open space properties can be found at under the Parks Department page.

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