Now, that’s amore

Italian Sunday School- Lucca Riccio prforms That's Amore while students hand flowers





On Monday, July 25, visitors to the Southington Drive-In pavilion were treated to a taste of Italy. Students from the Italian Sunday School performed a variety show, which included Italian skits, songs, dances, and music performed by students.


For the past five years, Tina Riccio has been leading the weekly Italian classes at the YMCA. Above,  Lucca Riccio plays “That’s Amore” while students hand out flowers to the crowd.




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Italian Sunday School- (6) Italian Sunday School- (7) Italian Sunday School- More Italian talking Italian Sunday School- Students perform a song Italian Sunday School-Andrew Brino presents flower to a special someone in the audience Italian Sunday School-Francesca Riccio performs Ue Marie on the keyboard Italian Sunday School-Gabriella Saraceno presents flower 2 thank her grandfather Alfredo Italian Sunday School-Giovanni Donato plays Volare on the keyboard Italian Sunday School-students talk some Italian for the audience

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