Conservation commission approves bridge plan

Bridge constructionAfter a special on-site meeting on Thursday, July 21, members of Southington’s Conservation Commission Inland Wetland and Watercourses Agency (CCIWWA) voted unanimously to approve an application to rehabilitate a bridge which spans the Eight Mile River on West Center Street.

Southington’s director of public works Keith Hayden, along with Joseph Scalise, bresented an overview of the project to the committee, indicating that there would be no change in the floodplain.

The plan calls for the replacement of the decking with a pavement overlay and new guiderail. No in-stream work will be necessary and a debris shield will be provided below the deck to protect the river.

Scalise said that the work is scheduled to start in April 2007, and construction should be completed by October, along with minimal landscaping and road repairs.

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