Stage company brings ‘Arabian Nights’ to the Library

Arabian Nights-4

Bobby Wilhelmson, left, and Abby Raislback, right, draw members of the audience on-stage during an interactive performance of “Arabian Nights” on July 13 at the Southington public library. Elijah Perras, Grace Dillard, and Lilly Steindl take their bows after contributing to the show.


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Arabian Nights-Abby Railsback and Bobby Wilhelmson put on a two man show 3Arabian Nights-Lilly Steindl and Elijah Perras play parts in the show Arabian Nights-Bobby Wilhelmson plays the evil magician Salabin Arabian Nights-Elijah (5) gives his mean face to fight off the bad guy Arabian Nights-Elijah Perras, Grace Dillard, and Lilly Steindl take a bow

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