Main Street Community Foundation hosts annual scholarship reception

Local recipients of scholarships had a chance to meet the people who offer the scholarships at the annual ccholarship reception offered by the Main Street Foundation last Wednesday.
Susan Sadecki, CEO and president of the foundation, said 130 individual students received scholarships totaling $171,000 this year through the foundation. They were selected from 850 applications received.
Sadecki contrasted the 2016 numbers with an earlier annual dinner in 2001. That year, the foundation oversaw the award of 15 scholarships.
Southington’s Rachel Dufresne was among the students attending the reception that packed Hawk’s Landing in Southington. Dufrescne, who will be attending Sacred Heart University in Fairfield in the fall, received a scholarship from the Kristen Warner Scholarship Fund. Dufresne, who also received several other scholarships other than those presented at the foundation reception, said the extra money was a help. Without the scholarships, Rachel said the financial burden of college would have been tough on her family.
Krysta Tsangarides of Southington, who will be attending Salve Regina College in Newport, R.I., also received a scholarship at the reception—one of many she received this year. The extra financial assistance was appreciated, she said.  “College is kind of expensive. I have two older sisters who go to college already. So my parents can’t really help me out. So I need all the help I can get.”
Both Dufresne and Tsangarides recommended that students should take the time to apply for scholarships to defray the expense of college.
“You should definitely take advantage of scholarship if you can,” said Krysta.
All scholarships were awarded through a competitive application process and were available to students at varying levels of their academic careers from the towns of Bristol, Burlington, Plainville, Plymouth, Southington and Wolcott as well as other communities. A selection committee appointed by the foundation’s Board of Directors evaluated all applicants before recommending recipients.
“This year’s group of scholarship recipients is very impressive,” said Sadecki, in a press release from the foundation. “We are proud to support these students and grateful to the donors whose generosity has made these awards possible for the last 21 years.”
The 2016 Main Street Community Foundation scholarship recipients honored at the reception are as follows:
4 Burns Scholarship – St. Joseph/St. Paul Fund: Luke Hines and Gianna Houle
Christian Arndt Scholarship Fund: Erka Mullaj
E. Bartlett Barnes Award of Journalism Fund: Gabrielle Raymond
Because of 26 Kindness Award Scholarship Fund: Morgan Shubert
Sid Bernard Memorial Art Scholarship Fund: Amy Ozga
Stanley P. Bitel Memorial Fund: Rachel Klem
Peter and Marjorie Bossi Educational Fund: Kayla Rozanski
Bowerman Scholarship Fund: Tyler Roberts
Bristol Boys & Girls Club Schulman Fund: Isabella Castrogiovanni and Dejah Holley
Bristol Lions Club F. Fred Soliani Memorial Scholarship Fund: Karen Guzman
Bristol Police Scholarship Fund: Brittany Stancavage
Bristol Yale Club Scholarship Fund: Morgan Shubert
Burlington Lions Charities Scholarship Fund: Grant Harris, Katherine Hunt, Jennifer Merritt
Conn Acoustics Scholarship Fund: Michael McGuinness Jr. and Angelika Muter
Peg Coughlin Nursing Scholarship Fund: Isabella Castrogiovanni
Rit Croce Academic and Vocational Scholarship Fund: Kaitlin Steinen
Richard A. DellaVecchia Scholarship Fund: Alex Rasten
Karen Finder Scholarship Fund: Michael Nguyen
Carolyn Fisher Scholarship Fund: Kara Raboin
GE’s Industrial Solutions Scholarship Fund: Hermana Henry, Brian Legato, Jarod Romankiw, Alexandra Schulz, Alexander Skonieczny, Renukanandan Tumu
Andrew and Murielle Giacomini Scholarship Fund: Brittany Stancavage
Dorothy Micloskey Ives Award Fund: Catherine Gullotta
Grace & Norma Joy Scholarship Fund: Karen Guzman
Vincent T. Kozyrski Scholarship Fund: Morgan Shubert
Sean Landry Memorial Basketball Scholarship Fund: Ian Schmidt
John J. and Doris Lazorik Memorial Scholarship Fund: Karen Guzman and David Kaminski
Leger Initiative for Education Fund: Kaitlin Steinen
Dave Lepore Journalism Scholarship Fund: Gabrielle Raymond
Therese MacCallum “Great Kid” Scholarship Fund: Garrett Gugliotti
Nicholas P. Maglio ACE Fund: Morgan Murphy
Elizabeth I. and Louis J. Matt Medical Scholarship Fund: Allison Trudeau and Nicole Wolf
Robert E. and Angeline P. McCormack Scholarship Fund: Krysta Tsangarides
McMaster-Moulthrop Scholarship Fund: Zachary Aldieri, Olivia Apergis, Dante Coco, Eric Duval, Maximillian Grant, Jack Hale, Elizabeth Hrywniak, George Pittman, Gabrielle Raymond, Deborah Sarimento, Gaggan Singh, Brittany Stancavage, Matthew Varnum, Nicole Wolf
Ken E. Micloskey Award: Alex Ieronimo
Al and Joan Monico Scholarship Fund: Jineyshka Martinez
NESMA Scholarship Fund: Olivia Apergis and Nicole Ledesma
AJR Nocera Memorial Fund: Taylor Hartz and Morgan Shubert
Scott W. Organ Student-Athletic Scholarship Fund: Dejah Holley
Ralph Papazian Memorial Scholarship Fund: Gregory Lozier
Estelle Delano Peterson Scholarship Fund: Halley King
Dorothy Dewey Picard Music Scholarship Fund: Kayla Rozanski
Plymouth Community Club Scholarship Fund: Brianna DellaValle
Alice C. Pulsifer Memorial Scholarship Fund: Jennifer Harlow
Max and Ruth Rabin Scholarship Fund: Erika Grant
Radcliff Family Education Fund: Bethany Cucka, Tyrah Green, Katie Pelkey, David Poniatowski
Radcliff Plainville High School Fund: Stephen Gallo, Vincent Mullin, Gregory Sileo, Nicholas Zaleski
Louis J. Rascoe Scholarship Fund: Kara Raboin
Julie A. Roche Nursing Scholarship Fund: Isabella Castrogiovanni
Douglas Roland Aid for the Trades Scholarship Fund: Marena Baldyga and Tyler Chasse
Clement J. Roy Scholarship Fund: Destinee Sims
Lawrence (Larry) Selza Memorial Scholarship Fund: Natalie Gallo
Glo Sessions Fund for Art Education: Amy Ozga
Jill Lynne Shackett Educational Scholarship Fund: Anastasia Dzikas
Southington Observer/StepSaver Scholarship Fund: Rachel Klem
Jay W. and Elizabeth M. Tyrrell Scholarship Fund: Nahndi Ali and Taylor Hartz
Louise (Humphrey) Van Gorder Music Camp Scholarship Fund: Adam Gwara
Peggy Ann Walsh Memorial Scholarship Fund: Karen Guzman, Nicole Ledesma, Matthew Varnum
Kristen Warner Scholarship Fund: Rachel Dufresne
John Whitcomb Scholarship Fund: Jenna Rodjenski
Eva Brodowicz Wickwire Volunteer Scholarship Fund: Nicole Wolf
Yarde Metals Memorial Scholarship Fund: Carly Brunelle, Jake Clark, Jamie Guelli, Bailey House, David Kaminski, Nicole Ledesma, Karen Littau, Brittney Murphy, Alissa Rogers, Alexis Thompson, Jennifer Thorpe, Nicholas Thorpe
Furthermore, the following scholarships were awarded to local secondary school students:
Keating-Monaghan Memorial Scholarship Fund awarded scholarship grants to 27 students attending St. Joseph School in Bristol
Lena M. & Peter L. Korotie Scholarship Fund awarded one student attending St. Paul Catholic High School a scholarship grant
Malerbo Memorial Scholarship Fund awarded scholarship grants to 23 students attending St. Paul Catholic High School in Bristol
St. Matthew School Scholarship Fund awarded one student attending St. Matthew School in Bristol a scholarship grant


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