70-year-old pianist wants to perform in 70 CT towns… for free

  • Connecticut-based pianist, composer, and educator Rex Cadwallader is celebrating his 70th birthday by offering to play seventy concerts in Connecticut for free. Cadwallader, who has lived and performed in Connecticut for the past twenty-two years, says he is “anxious to give back to the individuals, organizations and communities that have been so supportive” of his creative efforts.


  • Beginning with concerts publicizing the May 6th release of his latest CD “A Balm In Gilead” with long-time musical collaborators bassist Mike Asetta, drummer Arti Dixson, and soprano Tiffany Jackson, Cadwallader hopes to begin scheduling and performing the concerts by the beginning of June. The free performances will then continue through the end of May 2017.


  • Cadwallader, a jazz pianist, has released eleven CDs on the Stanza USA label. He is also the winner of an Emmy award, the composer of four symphonies and other large works for orchestra and chamber ensembles.  He has over one hundred published works for jazz ensembles that are performed worldwide.


  • While most of the seventy concerts will be Dr. Cadwallader playing solo, a number of the performances will also include Asetta, Dixson, Jackson and other musicians with whom Cadwallader has performed. Those organizations that plan and book performances in larger venues or for sizeable audienices will be the beneficiaries of the group concerts at no additional charge.


  • Possible concert themes include: jazz standards, Broadway show tunes, the “Great American Songbook,” childrens’ concerts, music suitable for religious services or meditations, music of The Beatles, free jazz, and many others.


Interested organizations can contact Dr. Cadwallader directly at:



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