Letter: Republicans endorse John Fusco

John Fusco

John Fusco

To the editor:

A caucus of Republican voters unanimously selected John Fusco as the party’s endorsed candidate in this November’s election for the 81st House District in the General Assembly.

“It’s time that Southington had a representative in Hartford that voted in the best interest of Southington Citizens,” said Fusco accepting the nomination. Democrat bosses in Hartford and the Democrat controlled legislature have created unrealistic budgets that have resulted in the two largest tax increases in Connecticut’s history. They are reducing the inflated number of government employees and pretending this will solve the states financial crisis. They are trying to deceive us so they can win one more election.  The fact is that over the next two years there will be billions of dollars more debt and will require huge tax increases if you continue to elect Democrats.”

They have had the majority control of Connecticut’s legislature for more than 30 years and are totally responsible for our financial crisis. They are to blame for out of control spending, driving our state deep into debt, raising our state and local taxes. Each time the state passes legislation that issues unfunded mandates to our town it causes an increase in local taxes.

“I will vote no on all new taxes and unfunded budget spending items,” said Fusco. His message is simple. “Your vote and voice is my vote and voice.”

John will represent you and vote for what is best for Southington Citizens.

Brian Callahan, Republican Town Committee Chair

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