Woman arrested for depositing fraudulent checks

Gail Saltus, 52, of East Hampton, was taken into custody at the Middletown court on May 4, at approximately 11:15 a.m. She was appearing in an unrelated case when marshals learned that there was an outstanding arrest warrant in Southington.

Gail Saltus

Gail Saltus

The warrant alleges that Saltus would enter a bank, claim to be a different person, and would deposit a check into that person’s account. Then, she would request cash back from the transaction. All of the checks presented for deposit originated from a TD Bank account in Saltus’ name, and all were made out to the same victim.

In each instance, the checks did not clear and were found to be from a closed account. In total, there were five fraudulent transactions between March 2, 2016 and March 4, 2016 with four of the five transactions resulting in Saltus receiving cash back.

The total cash received by Saltus was $975.

Saltus was transported to Southington where she was processed and charged with identity theft, five counts of second degree forgery, five counts of issuing a bad check, four counts of sixth degree larceny, five counts of criminal impersonation, and second degree breach of peace.

Saltus posted a $1500 bond and was released with an appearance date of May 16, 2016 at the Bristol Court.


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