Turning trash into fashion as art



The annual event where fashion meets art meets the joys of being kind to the environment returns this Saturday at Hartford City Hall.

Trashion Fashion is about demonstrating creative use of trash to keep it out of the landfills. Using clean trash, designers and artists create garments that they then present at the annual runway event.

The artists and designers come up with the ideas and make them a reality.

But the models are given the responsibility of breathing life into these creations for a paying audience.

Margot Paul is one of the models and a veteran of the event.

“As a model who is walking in this show and being able to wear a beautiful creation from an amazing artistic designer, it’s truly a privilege,” said Margot, who has other fashion gigs on her resume.

“It’s so different than other runways with regular clothes and having to put on a serious face and just walk basically,” said Margot. “Being able to wear something so unique and one of a kind makes you become a part of the creation and develop a character and really have fun with it.”

Model Stephanie Diaz also is a veteran of the event having walked last year. “As a model who has the chance to wear one of these unique creations and show it to the public is an amazing feeling.”

“These beautiful pieces created by designers with an open mind and an eye for art are expressing their talent for a cause… It is an honor to participate in their movement and help them to grow as designers.”

Damaris De Leon, another model who has walked before, said, “This event is so diverse and brings so many people of all nationalities and ages close together all for a great cause and mission, which is to change the way the world sees waste through events, educational programs, and exhibits that feature through wearable art made from trash. It’s all done in the hope to foster a generation of mindful consumers and creators to try and change the way the world sees waste.”

“I love this program because it is educating and inspiring the youth to be creative problem solvers on ways they can save our planet by using their imagination and creativity,” said Damaris.

Margot said, “I’m proud to say that I’ve walked in the show since the first show. Ever since the first show, I’ve loved it. Everything about it from the makeup to the hair to the music is so fun and different. It truly is a great and memorable event to be a part of.”

Stephanie said, “I would say it’s a great experience because it feels like a different world. I had the privilege working with designer Victoria Stafford last year and also for this year’s show. She’s a very lovely young lady. Her work is beautiful.”

“What I like the most is when the day of the event comes,” said Stephanie, “you look around at the pieces and you realize that people want to help the world in any way they can even if it’s through art.”

“I enjoy meeting so many positive people all in one room,” said Damaris. “I am blown away by the creativity from all the inspired designers of all ages. No matter the age they work as hard and diligently. You can’t even tell apart the work of a child versus an adult. You can tell they have worked so hard and are very detailed when creating their one of a kind masterpiece from paper, plastics, rubber recovered or recycled from discarded household, commercial, or industrial packages or products to name a few. Passion for the planet is very clear in their designs.”

“It is an honor for me to model one of these one of a kind creations because after observing their stunningly amazing work it just leaves you speechless,” said Damarais.

The environmental message of Trashion Fashion is one that Margot finds attractive. “What I like about the message the show is putting forward for the environment is that the earth is important and that something that people usually are grossed out by is being made into beautiful prices of art work that usually people would never have thought of,” said Margot.

Stephanie said, “The message…about being kind to the environment is awesome. It will open the minds of people who are not seeing what they’re doing to the world. They will see the beauty in creation and art that can come out of it.”

“Basically,” said Stephanie, “instead of littering, people can create something with trash.”

“We can shape the world around us by finding creative ways to use up the so called waste,” said Damaris.

“I highly encourage people to come to the show because not only do you get to see one of a kind art work and creations on the runway but it’s such an amazing experience,” said Margot.

“There’s beautiful live music and booths with local companies that support saving the environment. Overall, this event will always be something like you’ve never seen before and there’s no doubt about it that whoever comes will be extremely pleased and excited to be back next year,” said Margot.

”People should come out to the show to see the powerful art that comes from designers of all over Connecticut and even outside the state,” said Stephanie. “That’s how big this movement of helping the environment has grown.”

“Not only are you supporting some awesome artists, inspired designers, and students,” said Damaris, “you will also share part in helping our planet and even learn ways on how to save our environment by learning creative ways to use what you think is not useful anymore… Change starts one person at a time.”

Trashion Fashion runs from 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 23 at Hartford City Hall, 550 Main St., Hartford. Tickets are $15 at the door. For more information, email hello@trashionfashion.org


Damaris DeLeon in last year's Trashion Fashion event at Hartford City Hall.

Damaris DeLeon in last year’s Trashion Fashion event at Hartford City Hall.

Stephanie Diaz in last year’s Trashion Fashion event in Hartford. The runway show returns on Saturday at 1 p.m.

Stephanie Diaz in last year’s Trashion Fashion event in Hartford. The runway show returns on Saturday at 1 p.m.

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