Time to face those ‘Phobias’



Think of your deepest, darkest fear – Is it spiders? Sharks? The dark?

Maybe it’s a twisting, turning, looping, roller coaster.

Lake Compounce is hoping to expose you to whatever that fear might be this season, with their newest coaster, Phobia.

Guests are invited to share what scares them in the Phobia Phear Contest, open now.

Twelve brave riders will be chosen for the first ride.

The park is in the final stages of construction for the new coaster, set to open with the new season on May 7.

The first of its kind in New England, the coaster includes a triple launch mechanism.

The ride’s two cars, each seating six riders, move back and forth three times before launching riders 150 feet up the track for a “heart-line inversion” and twist and loops at 65 miles per hour.

The 12 guests who are selected for the scariest fears will be highlighted on the theme park’s social media accounts starting on May 1. Next month, the public is invited to watch them take Phobia’s first ride.

While construction crews are still getting things ready for the initial test runs, Sara Frias, marketing director for Lake Compounce, said they are on track for opening day.

Later this month, they will start test runs without riders. The park is required to complete at least 1,000 runs before any riders are allowed on.

“We always go above and beyond that,” said Frias, who said that the coaster will be a thrilling experience from start to finish.

Vendors located near the ride, including Dip n’ Dots and Rita’s Italian Ice, will offer phobia-themed products. Decorations and signs will be placed through out the ride, and the line, describing different phobias.

The first, of course, is coasterphobia.

Once you’ve conquered that fear and stepped in line, next on the list is tachophobia – fear of speed.

“Which is of course something the coaster will confront you with” said Frias

Phobia is the park’s first new roller coaster in more than ten-years, and is aimed at the thrill seekers who visit the park.

“Phobia is a ride unlink anything we have,” said Frias, “We felt like it was really time to add something that would appeal to the older end of the family”

In total, you’ll face your fears on Phobia for less than a minute. Frias said this is a short ride cycle compared to their other coasters. Zoomerang is nearly 30-seconds longer, while a ride on the Boulder Dash lasts almost two minutes.

If you consider yourself a thrill seeker, and would like to conquer your fears on May 7, enter to be one of Phobia’s first riders at www.lakecompounce.com/phobiaphearcontest

Phobia is the latest ride at Lake Compounce Amusement Park.

Phobia is the latest ride at Lake Compounce Amusement Park.

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