Southington Republican Committee elects party leaders

Louis Martocchio was named as Republican vice chair.

Louis Martocchio was named as Republican vice chair.


The Southington Republican Town Committee (SRTC) held elections on March 22, re-electing Brian Callahan to lead the party.

Callahan, who has served as Chairman of the committee for four years, said “It feels good to have a vote of confidence” from voters.

The biggest change came when committee members elected Attorney Louis Martocchio, of Martocchio and Oliveria, LLC, on Main St., as their new vice chairperson. Former vice chair Mary Baker will now serve as the committee’s secretary.

Mortocchio, who has previously served as Town Attorney, on the Town Council, and on the Inland Wetland Conservation Committee, said he hopes to see growth in the committee’s involvement in the town.

“My main objective is to continue to expand membership and activity,” he said.

In other business, Wayne Stanforth was re-elected as treasurer.

Callahan said the SRTC has seen an increase in interest recently, and has about 75 active members to date.

“I think it’s because we’ve run such good, clean, campaigns and stuck to the facts and issues,” said Callahan of the party’s recent growth. Although many current members will stay active, Callahan said some new faces will be joining the executive board.

“It’s always good to bring in fresh, new, ideas,” Callahan said about the soon-to-be appointed members.

The new vice chair said he also hopes to lessen partisanship throughout the town, and encourage town officials to cooperate across party lines.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a ‘D’ or ‘R’ next to your name,” said Martocchio. “Vote in the best interest in the town.”

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