Letter: Reader is upset with Aresimowicz’s record

We invite readers to contribute letters to the editor. Please include a name, address, and phone number and email us at  JGoralski@ SouthingtonObserver.com.

We invite readers to contribute letters to the editor. Please include a name, address, and phone number and email us at JGoralski@ SouthingtonObserver.com.

To the editor:

It was with great interest that I read last week’s article announcing that State Rep. Joe Aresimowicz will seek re-election. I cannot say it came as a surprise—after all, how many jobs are out there, where he can get paid tens of thousands of dollars for displaying consistent, world-class recklessness and incompetence?

To elaborate—in his list of accomplishments, the very first item was high school athletics. If only he cared as much about avoiding statewide financial ruin, as he cared about youth sports, perhaps we would not be facing an economic catastrophe.

We have some of the highest tax rates in the nation. Those tax rates are applied to some of the highest incomes in the nation. This means that we sent representatives in Hartford a ton of money. On top of that, the state receives hundreds of millions of dollars from the casinos every year.

What did the Democrats in the state legislature (of whom Joe is the majority leader) do with that money? They spent every cent of it. Worse, they then spent additional tens of billions of dollars on unfunded promises to public labor unions. According to the Hartford Courant, our unfunded debt amounts to just under $19,000 for every human being in our state. What does this mean? That on top of current tax rates, which are insanely high, the average family of four owes the state an additional $76,000. Our elected leaders, including Joe, have been every bit as irresponsible as an NBA zillionaire who somehow manages to go bankrupt.

And where did this money go? I mean, if they spent that money to create a utopia that would be one thing, but they haven’t. Have we eliminated poverty? Is UConn free? Are our public schools the palaces that our kids deserve? Are our roads and bridges all new? Do our neighbors in need have access to all the services they have a right to expect? Nope. In fact, what they did with this money is create a landscape so difficult to live in that Connecticut is one of the few states in the nation that is losing population.

Our state leads the nation in population exodus. All that money gone, and all we have to show for it is a place where more people want to flee, rather than move to. While climate drives some people out, taxes and cost of living are big drivers, too. That is irrefutable.

In our system of democratic representation, no one single person owns responsibility for this, more than the majority leader of the party that has ruled the state legislature for as long as anyone can remember. Instead of having the audacity to believe that his performance is worthy of re-election, Joe should be knocking on doors in our district, begging forgiveness.

Every baby born today, in addition to receiving a nice blanket and cute hat from the hospital, also receives a bill from the state for $19,000 and counting. That money was spent on that baby’s behalf, not on programs that will benefit him, but in an effort to purchase as many future votes as possible. That’s not democracy.

Every family of four owes $76,000, thanks to the thoughtless and short-sighted, tax-and-spend policy that the Democrats have embraced for a generation. A team of monkeys could not have done worse.

Jamie Mathews, Southington

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