PZC public hearing remains open

Town of Southington

A public hearing held by the Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) on March 1 has been extended to the Commission’s next meeting on March 15.

The hearing was held to discuss a 72-lot open space subdivision proposed for Loper Street by AA Denorfia Building & Development, LLC, Southington. The builder presented his preferred plan, which included open space and buffers, as well as a conventional subdivision option without open space or buffers.

The committee heard two hearings simultaneously, for a special permit application for an open space subdivision and for a re-subdivision application, involving Parcel 51 on Loper Street, owned by Ann Griffin Egan.

Anothony Denorfia, of AA Denorfia Building and Development, asked if the hearing could be left open and voted on at the next meeting since he had not yet received comments from the engineering department.

During the hearing, 10 residents spoke in favor of the project, but expressed concerns about road access, and nine residents spoke against the proposal for various reasons.

PZC Commissioner Paul Chaplinsky requested an analysis of home values and asked if a traffic study had been conducted for the area.

Alternate Commissioner Kevin Clements encouraged the PZC to review a traffic impact study, which Denorfia said he would provide for the next meeting, along with the home value analysis.

The PZC agreed to keep the hearing open. The commissioners voted unanimously to table the Special Permit and Resubdivision Application until March 15.

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