Getting a taste for world culture

Diversity Night-Curacao-Karen (mom) and Isabelle Hoffman (lived in this country)

Isabelle Hoffman and her mother, Karen, display some of their favorite dishes from their time spent living in Curacao. On Thursday, Feb. 25, Isabelle was just one of dozens of middle school students to offer a taste of the world during the Taste of Culture event at DePaolo Middle School. Events were held last week at both middle schools, and students embraced dishes from different cultures.


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SO-Poland-Daniel Kuziora Veronika Gorski Natalia Gorski (in back), Faith Kosior, Sara LaFDiversity Night-India-Inderjit Singh and Harpreet Singh Diversity Night-France-Rachel Possidento and Sara Bray Diversity Night-England-Morgan Duling and Mackenzie Brown (8th graders) serve coffee and tea Diversity Night-Albania-(sisters) Fiona (8) and Medina (10) Lumani (from Hatton) Diversity Night (9) Diversity Night (5) Diversity Night (3) Diversity Night (1)

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