Public hearing on March 1 to review Loper Street plan

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A Public Hearing will be held at a meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC) on March 1, to hear opinions and concerns regarding a new development on Loper Street.

Southington developer AA Denorfia Building & Development has filed plans with the PZC for a 72-lot subdivision of single-family residents. The town recently proposed regulations that require any new housing developments to include 20 percent open space within the development.

At AA Denorfia Building & Development, Andy Denorfia said “we took that to heart.”

The company plans to develop the land as an open space subdivision, retaining 30 percent open space on the property, surpassing the town’s proposed requirement. This requires a special permit from the PZC, and therefore a public hearing.

The homes installed on the 44-acres of property will range from 2,700 to 2,800 square-feet and will be sold from $430,000 to $500,000 per home. Denorfia described the future residences as “upscale custom homes.”

“We’re looking to do something that fits into the area as well as taking into account what the town is saying and adding in the open space,” said Denorfia. The developer said the company worked hard to develop plans that would incorporate open space into the property plan.

“This development is designed under the open space subdivision regulations,” said Robert Phillips, Director of Planning and Community Development, meaning the PZC has to approve the plans as an appropriate use of the land. Phillips said that over the last eight years, larger subdivisions developed in town have usually come under this regulation.

“With these developments you don’t usually end up with any significant useable open space, meaning something that could be used for passive or active recreation down the road,” said Phillips.

The PZC needs to approve the special permit. If it is denied, Denorfia would have to return to present the plan as a conventional subdivision or appeal the ruling.

“We’re providing continuous open space around the entire parcel,” said Denorfia, “so the surrounding streets will be buffered more than normal.”

A public hearing will be held on March 1, and residents are invited to review the plans and express their opinions at the meeting, held at the Municipal Center at 7 p.m.

“We’re proud of the plans,” said Denorfia,“I think it will really fit in the area.”

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