Keeping that fitness New Year’s resolution alive

Heading into the winter holidays, gyms can be lonely places with few people getting their fitness fix as they prepare to indulge in those big holiday meals.
But once New Year’s Day rolls around, the New Year’s resolution bug kicks in and the gyms become packed with the newly converted fitness fanatics.
To keep that newly found resolution fitness passion alive, Justin Michaels of MF Training, 190 Main St., Bristol ( offered some thoughts.
First of all, Michaels said, “Realize the journey ahead.”
“I ask people to consider why they lost their health and their entire life replays in their head. The truth is that our health— and happiness— are a product of every moment we’ve lived. Muster all of your confidence and commit to changing your health for the better, but be patient, believing precedes seeing.”
Secondly, Michaels said, “Set up your team. There’s a reason we’re surrounded by each other. We come to know ourselves through our relationships with people we care about. Don’t think you need to put your head down and go it alone. Realize that finding like-minded, healthy and happy people will bring us closer to our resolutions for better health.”
Thirdly, Michaels emphasized the importance of perseverance on your fitness journey.
“Decide you will die before you give up,” said Michael. “If you are willing to quit, then you’re hardly making a resolution. If it doesn’t mean the world to you, put it down and pick it up when it does. That’s the only way it works.”
“Lastly,” said Michaels, “and most importantly, realize what it is that happened when you decided to make a resolution about your health, and your happiness.”
“You decided you were going to fix something that was broken,” said Michaels. “That’s the nature of a resolution. It’s an answer. And the process by which answers are found is trying in nature. So if it’s a successful healthy resolution you have in mind, realize you’re worth it. And this is your opportunity.”

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