What’s trending for the prom?


Girls in their high school senior or junior year are checking the web, reading through the magazines, and doing some window shopping—looking for that perfect prom gown. Dazzle Boutique in Waterbury held a Prom and Pageant Expo at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, which included a runway fashion show.

Dazzle’s owner Laurye Natale was asked afterward to offer some tips as the shopping begins. This is what she had to say:

•Floral patterns are all the rage this year, whether bright bold colors or soft pastels, everyone’s loving the floral print.

•Deep jewel tones are the colors to have this year: reds, royal blue, purple, emerald green and black.

•Two pieces are coming back again this year, even more than in previous years, however, they are a bit more conservative with higher waists and longer torsos, making them more acceptable to most school systems; and finally

•Ball gowns. Everyone is loving the ball gown this year. The newest trend in ball gowns is the fabric: mikado, chiffon, satin; however, if you’re still wanting a tulle ball gown, you can definitely find plenty to choose from. Dazzle Boutique can be found at 100 Scott Rd., Waterbury. For more information, go to DazzleBoutiques.com


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