Southington resident foils a car theft

Joshua Ramirez

Joshua Ramirez

Southington Police announced that Joshua Ramirez, 21, of Bristol was arrested for attempting to steal a car on Mount Vernon Road, but it was a Southington homeowner that actually managed to detain Ramirez for arrest.

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, at approximately 6:40 a.m., police were dispatched to the area of 1662 Mount Vernon Rd. on a report that someone was attempting to steal a car from the driveway. It was also reported that the homeowner was holding the suspect at gun point.

The homeowner was allowing his vehicle to warm up in the driveway when he was alerted by a family member that someone was sitting inside the vehicle. The homeowner found Ramirez sitting in the vehicle, and it appeared that Ramirez was attempting get the vehicle into gear.

The homeowner opened the car door and told Ramirez to get out of the vehicle as he stepped back and drew his firearm. Ramirez then exited the vehicle and slowly walked away from the homeowner and down the driveway. Responding Officers took Ramirez into custody without incident at the end of the driveway. The vehicle is valued in excess of $23,000.

Ramirez was charged with criminal attempt at larceny in the first degree, third degree burglary, second degree criminal trespassing, and second degree breach of peace. He was released on a $5,000 bond with a court date of Jan. 25, 2016 at Bristol Superior Court.

The handgun was legally registered, and the homeowner has a valid Connecticut pistol permit.

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