BOE recognizes student achievement, discuss projected last day of school in 2016

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The Southington High School Marching Band was recognized in a Celebration of Excellence by the Board of Education (BOE) during their Dec. 10 meeting, for winning the State Championship for the seventh year and finishing fourth at the U.S. Bands National Championship.

Also at the meeting, the BOE approved a second reading of the Capital Plan for  the years 2016 to 2021. The second reading included pricing for roof repairs and changes to fire alarm systems at Derynoski Elementary School and Kelley Elementary School.

The board discussed plans to wait until 2019 to 2021 for the fire alarm updates and for remodeling VOAG classrooms at Southington High School.

The reading of the plan was unanimously approved.

A first reading of plans for the 2016 to 2017 school calendar was reported by Superintendent Timothy Connellan, the BOE heard three options for the calendar, with changes varying for the first and last days of the school year.

The student representatives for the BOE said they favored option one, with school starting on Aug. 25, and finishing on June 5. Options two and three start and end at later dates, and avoid starting school with a full five-day week.

Connellan said he supported the second option, which most closely aligned with the Capitol Region Education Council regional calendar. Bob Brown, Colleen Clark, Junaita Champagne, Terry Lombardi, and Goralski also shared their support for option two.

Zaya Oshana said that he supported the third option, while Chairman Goralski said he would only consider options one and two. Brown also shared support for option three, saying he had heard feedback from parents and teachers that the start date for option one was too early.

“I was hoping we could eliminate one of these tonight,” said Goralski, “I’m hoping to hear from the public in support of options one and two.”

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