Zoni speaks out about proposed tuition hike

State Rep. David Zoni (D-Southington)

State Rep. David Zoni (D-Southington)

State Representative David Zoni (D-Southington) says he has serious reservations about the proposed tuition hikes announced recently by the University of Connecticut (UConn), which would increase in-state tuition by 31 percent over the next four years for Connecticut students.

“I consider myself to be a strong supporter of UConn,” Zoni said in a press release from the House Democrats. “But, I believe UConn’s administration needs to justify this increase to lawmakers and the public before these increases go forward.”

Zoni said in the release, “I am particularly concerned about our in-state Connecticut students and their parents who could be faced with not being able to afford to attend our flagship university.”

Zoni noted that according to published reports in-state students who currently pay $10,524 tuition would face a $700 increase starting next fall, a hike of 6.7 percent.

“This represents a stiff increase for a Southington student wanting to attend UConn or a student from any Connecticut town considering UConn in the future,” he said in the release. “I would hope that all options other than tuition hikes have been examined by the UConn administration.

In the release, Zoni called on the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee to hold a public hearing on the whole question of UConn’s tuition costs so that they could recommend alternatives to a tuition hike before the General Assembly meets.

“That would lessen the blow of these increases on our state students,” he said in the release.

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